2019's Joker was one of the most highly regarded and commercially viable superhero movies — outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least — of recent memory, and despite its polarizing nature, many fans consider it one of the best DC offerings to date.

According to the New York Post, Todd Phillips — who originally co-wrote and directed the acclaimed supervillain film — is set to co-write the film's "next installment." This major development was apparently the result of a slip of the tongue his lawyer Warren Dern made within an exclusive Hollywood Reporter industry report.  

Naturally, news of a sequel of any successful superhero movie is sure to cause Twitter to boil over with excitement, but in a strange twist of events, the DC comics and movie fanbase is actually split on the thought of a sequel to the Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker. Some fans have expressed pure excitement about the opportunity to see what Todd Phillips cooks up for the sequel, but others have been quick to share scathing critiques of Warner Brother's handling of DC properties

Hilariously enough, most Joker fans fall somewhere in between. Check out some of the "Joker 2" reaction tweets from DC fans below.

Due to DC's track record for dramatic and contentious movie rollouts, stay tuned for major "Joker 2" updates in the near future. Are you excited for a sequel to the award-winning super villain drama?