It's been rumored that Robert Pattinson will be playing the new Batman. Although it hasn't been confirmed, reports claimed that the Twilight actor was the top choice for the upcoming film. Not everyone's been happy about the idea of Pattinson taking on such an iconic role. A petition was even launched to prevent the actor from taking the role. However, it might be too late after all. 

DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee certainly wanted to tease fans without giving too much away. Lee took to Instagram to share his entertainment for his 16-hour flight to Abu Dhabi. Fans quickly noticed that on his tablet, Robert Pattinson's name was written in caps. It appears that Lee may have been reading an excerpt from Howard Stern's interview with Pamela Anderson and Pattinson. Again, this hasn't been confirmed as there have only been a few reports but Lee must have known that this would fuel the rumors further. 

Pattinson is the frontrunner for the role but there have also been reports that Nicholas Hoult is also a top pick for director Matt Reeves. However, Reddit users recently pointed out rumors that Pattinson was spotted at the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles. The film isn't expected to start shooting until this fall so there's a chance he was there for something related to Tenet or a screen test.