Suge Knight has made many enemies along the way, many of which were once his friends or employees. Although it seems as though it was Daz who made the first move, revealing his discontent in 2008 in a tell-all interview. Daz would later infer that Suge was a police informant, an allegation that is yet to be proven outright. So in the very least, you knew to look in Daz's direction sentence day. 

A few days ago, Suge Knight entered a plea that would see his inevitable murder charge reduced to 28 years in lieu of the half-century bid he was up against. The plea deal invoked an immediate 28-year ruling, he will also be on parole after serving the first 3 years of his term. 

Daz reacted vociferously on Instagram where he's been known to journal his passing thought via video. Though he began his "journal entry" with the tone of a contemplative parable, by the tail end it became apparent that Suge Knight's 28-year sentence set off vindictive feeling within him. He capped his video with a message directed at Suge Knight's son, with whom he's feuded with in the past. "Shout out to Suge Knight Jr. Go visit your Daddy, he needs you," he added before capping it off.  

I gather Suge wasn't the nicest boss to work under.