If you're a fan of battle rap, you're surely familiar with Daylyt. The man has been on the scene for years, impressing with his quick wit and comedic bars. He has quite the personality, dividing fans with his provocative statements on the regular. One person that we've never from is the rapper's "white half-brother Bradley," who appeared during an interview with DJ Vlad to reveal he had a hand in getting Tekashi 6ix9ine locked up.

The news that everybody has been talking about for the last week has to do with everyone's favorite rainbow-haired entertainer getting arrested on racketeering charges. He's facing a maximum sentence of life in prison and Daylyt (dressed up as his "white half-brother") revealed he was the one who called the feds. The well-known battle rapper appeared on screen without his face tattoos as he wore whiteface and a wig, speaking on 6ix9ine's current situation. He says that he noticed the "racketeering thing" going on in Tekashi's circle and placed a call because "he owes the Care Bears a lot of money."

While this entire video is insanely cringe-worthy, Daylyt notes that 6ix9ine will soon be making his way out of prison. Obviously, he's not actually the reason why Tekashi got arrested but we hope he's at least correct on that one point. Watch at your own discretion below.