After publicly lusting over Young M.A. earlier this month, Daylyt is serenading his "KingQueen" and has dedicated an entire mixtape to her. M.A. has ignored the battle rapper's advances, previously telling her social media followers to "cut that weirdo sh-t out." Daylyt has proven himself to be one of the most entertaining fixtures in his rap battles, and his latest mixtape is no different. Titled "KingQueen," Daylyt has included songs such as "KingQueen," "She Got A Strap On Her," and "She A Real N---a." While Daylyt is continuing to shoot his shot at his dream girl, Young M.A. is openly lesbian and unless she decides to have a short fling with the battle rapper, it is unlikely anything will come from this.

Although Daylyt could very well be trolling, he appears to have been highly infatuated with Young M.A. since they faced off against each other at the NBA 2018 Hip-Hop All-Star Game. The rapper psycho-analyzes Young M.A. throughout the seven-track mixtape, professing his love for her and insisting that he will keep on shooting his shot until he gets a piece of her "stud pu--y." Daylyt even references her remark telling people to stop tagging her in "weirdo sh-t" on "Shot," saying that tagging her in that nonsense is "not for [him.]" 

The tape is available on Daylyt's SoundCloud page and it is humorous from top to bottom. Give it a listen below.