Danity Kane's Dawn Richard wasn't happy with BET after viewing a tweet that she thought was disrespectful. The singer is a professional at slaying on Instagram with her top model photos, continues to sell records with her hit girl group, and has been working diligently on non-music-related projects, but her ponytail caught the attention of the network. In a since-deleted tweet, BET wrote, "Not only is Ariana Grande the most followed person on Instagram now, but her latest ponytail is popping up on the heads of celebs like Dawn Richard! How do you feel about the look?"

"What really makes me sad is that @BET has never supported my music or that I’m a black woman trying to break barriers for women in animation," Dawn responded in a tweet. "Or that I’ve worked on advancing tech via VR and augmented reality. But you post about a ponytail I wore weeks ago and have already worn. Stop pitting females against each other. And stop disrespecting black women by making them out to be followers when they have led in most all pivotal moments in society."

"I just want to mind my business. Hydrate. And do groundbreaking s**t that pushes black artists and women forward across the board," Richard continued. "Please leave me out of the dumb s**t."

Earlier this month, BET faced backlash on social media after a tweet went out on their account shading Nicki Minaj following Cardi B.'s win at the Grammys for Best Rap Album“Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront,” BET wrote in a tweet that was later deleted. The network apologized for the tweet after Nicki shared with fans that Young Money would no longer participate in the BET Experience or award show.