David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic over the weekend and is already well on his way to recovery. The Boston Red Sox legend ended up undergoing surgery in the DR and was then transported to Boston where he had received even more care. Ortiz's wife has made some updates on the situation saying he's been able to walk around and that he will make a full recovery. This is all great news although it is disconcerting when you think about the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia was one of the men believed to be an accomplice to the shooting and was immediately apprehended by civilians who beat him up and then handed him over to the police. Since then, four more men have been arrested in connection with the shooting, including Rolfy Ferreyra who is believed to be the alleged shooter.

Police in the Dominican Republic are currently reporting that this was an orchestrated attack against Ortiz and that a 400,000 Peso, or $8,000 hit was placed on Ortiz, according to Complex. Authorities have also recovered the gun that was used and even showed it off to the media.

Regardless of the investigation at play, we are sending best wishes to Ortiz as he works his way to recovery.