Back in June, the entire baseball world was shocked as it was reported that Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz had been shot in the Dominican Republic as part of a botched assassination job. The alleged shooters claim that Big Papi wasn't the intended target and that the shooter mistook him for the man that was supposed to be killed. Ortiz was only released from the hospital last month and since then, he has been keeping a low profile from the public. 

Just yesterday, Ortiz took to Instagram to show his face for the first time since the shooting and he appears to be in great spirits. Ortiz was dropping his daughter off at college and he made sure to offer a heartfelt message that any proud father can relate to.

"A life experience take place on us dropping off one of my kids at college," Ortiz wrote. "Good luck with everything and remember “ to be great you have to bring the best out of you everyday” lov & dad!!!"

Ortiz received a total of three surgeries after the shooting due to some complications. As of right now, it seems like the Red Sox legend is in the clear and has fully recovered from his injuries. It's great to see Big Papi doing well and spending time with his kids during what must have been a very difficult time in his life.