In 1998, Friends actress Jennifer Aniston appeared on The David Letterman Show to be interviewed by the prolific talk show host and promote her new film Object of My Desire. Normally, David Letterman is known to conduct pretty standard and funny interviews with his guests, but this particular segment got pretty strange when Letterman told Aniston, “Forgive me if this is rude, I just want to try one thing.”

Jennifer Aniston
David Livingston/Getty Images

He scoots his chair closer to Aniston, who already looks a bit confused. He then places his hand around Aniston’s neck and leans into her face, almost looking like he’s about to kiss her. She shrieks with shock, asking him, “What are you doing?” She pushes him away a second time before he finally grabs a chunk of her hair and places it into his mouth. She awkwardly sits in the chair before he sucks on the piece of hair and then releases it, the hair wetly slapping back into her face. 

He hands her a tissue to dry off the hair, and she jokingly places it in her pocket. “That’s gonna be worth a lot of money someday,” she jests. Aniston then jokes that audience members look horrified by Letterman’s actions, Letterman assuring her, “I know.” Before the clip ends, Aniston adds, “That was something that I’ll never forget.”

Fans were understandably shocked and disgusted by the newly-surfaced footage, and some took to Twitter to express their distaste. 


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