David Irving was suspended indefinitely by the NFL last week after violating their substance abuse policy. Irving is a big fan of smoking weed and despite the league rules against it, he keeps on smoking. In response to the suspension, Irving got fired up on social media, saying that it was ridiculous that the league allows players to receive addictive pills to treat their pain but won't let them smoke a joint. Irving doubled down on his stance by saying that he no longer wants to play football and is retiring at just 25 years old.

Despite the early retirement, things have been working out for Irving. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Irving explained that his love for weed has led to some pretty interesting business opportunities.

"It's gonna be that 9-5 OG," Irving said. "It's been going crazy. It's been off the hook. I've had a lot of good emails. A lot of good text messages and a lot of good conversations. There's a lot of options, and a lot of ways I can go."

Irving will also be the executive producer on a new show called "Behind The Money" which will be aired on the Impact Television Network. The show is hosted by FUBU co-owner J. Alexander.

"Things are going well, man. I can't complain right about now," Irving exclaimed.