People love the Avengers. Whether you personally like the movie franchise or not, our last article on the upcoming film got 13 thousand views (on a hip-hop website). People also love Stranger Things. One of the stars of that show does not love the Avengers. 

In an Instagram post, David Harbour, otherwise known as Jim Hopper, made his disdain for the franchise clear, while promoting another comic book movie: Hellboy. The post embodies Hellboy's devilish with as it drags Avengers: Endgame for killing off many of its characters to build anticipation for a sequel:

Awwwww, crap...
Look who’s coming in April.
No, not the 50% still left of the Avengers - hell, that’s practically May...
April 12th showers bring one Big Red Flower, beast of the apocalypse, The right hand of doom, the buttkicker of the BPRD, and a host of all kinds of big ole giants and witches and fairies and janky overgrown ugly pig monsters from your nightmares.

The post shows a poster with Hellboy on top of a rock mound with a bolt of red lightning striking his sword (look closely at that lightning), but it also announces the movie's first trailer, which "drops on Thursday." See the post below: