David Beckham has been retired from relevant soccer for long enough now that many younger people know him simply as a guy who turns up at fashion shows, looking handsome in a squinty sort of way, with his posh wife Victoria, or maybe appearing on the covers of magazines, like he's done today on the cover of a magazine called Love. 

The cover is making waves across the internet for an unremarkable reason: Beckham is wearing green eyeshadow. The makeup, which matches the tattoos on his neck that peek out of his shirt, is another fashioin experiment for Beckham, who isn't shy of stepping out of the acceptable zones of what or how to wear. This taste for sartorial adventure hasn't always worked out in Beckham's favour: 

Ben Radford/Getty Images

The magazine quotes many passages of their interview with Beckham which have nothing to do with eyeliner and are rather about soccer since Beckham is, after all, a soccer player: "the first time I stepped onto a football pitch, that I can remember, I was seven years old," he says, describing himself as "that kid in the corner that didn’t really say much. I knew that once I was on the field, I was confident. It was all I ever wanted: to be a professional footballer.”