David Banner was arrested this weekend in Washington D.C. after he incited an altercation with a club bouncer.

Banner became irate after a bouncer at Ozio Restaurant & Lounge denied entry to a member of his crew. According to TMZ, Banner told the bouncer “I got you niggas, I got you. You a sellout nigga I got money” and threw money and credit cards at him. Police arrived on the scene and attempted to pacify Banner. Banner yelled “I don’t give a fuck about no police!” and was promptly arrested. He was issued a ticket and later released. He addressed the incident the following day on Twitter:

“Club Ozio in #Washington DC I hope that you treat the people of the city better than what I experienced last night. If not #shutitdown," he wrote. "If we spend our money with you then treat our people right. I hope to represent my people with grace, style and respect. ‘But’ I’m a grown man. There is a point where I must protect ‘My’ honor first. What happened to me is not important. It is my feeling though that it may be a common practice. If so, that is the bigger problem.”

Watch footage of Banner's arrest below. His upcoming album The God Box is now available for pre-order on iTunes.