Dave East put Delta Airlines on blast the other day after he was removed from the flight and met with half a dozen officers from the New York Port Authority. East took to the 'Gram where he shared a video of an encounter he had on the flight where a man was trying to explain to some woman why East shouldn't be removed from the plane. The rapper claimed that he was removed from the plane after a woman was nervous seeing a Black man in first class.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

The video kicks off with a man defending East while speaking to one of the flight attendants and trying to calm the situation down so it could take flight. East left the plane after he was booted and while he stood surrounded by the officers, he made it clear that he was in search of the person that was got him kicked off. 

"Where the lady at who got me kicked off the plane?” East asked the authorities. “With all this shit going on in the news — Black people getting shot every fuckin’ day — y’all do this on an airplane? Look at y’all. Y’all don’t even wanna be here!”

"Fucc Delta! Racist Ain’t Even The Word! This Jamaican Man Defending me and He dont even know me!!!! He watched the racist harassment!!!! Delta Airlines Y’all Need To Stop Hiring these racist, stupid, ignorant TRUMP supporters that get nervous when they see a PERSON OF COLOR in first class!!! Bitch just ask me what I want to drink and keep it pushing!!!! Shit got me Hot," he captioned the post.

The man who was defending East was later seen speaking to the attendant, again, though she didn't seem to budge. "Mental block, bro," East says on the video.

Check it out below.