Dave East is currently holding it down for Harlem when it comes to today's rap game, he's one of the few true NYC rhymers left, in terms of style and sound. The rapper is currently prepping his debut album, Kairi Chanel, for which he revealed the cover art and tracklist quite recently. Following that unveiling, he's sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning for an interview surrounding the upcoming album.

Before the interview really even kicks off, Dave East makes a pretty big announcement, although he seems pretty chill about the whole thing as Angela Yee points out. He's joined the Def Jam roster, as he reveals, going on to explain why he chose to sign with a major.

"Honestly, because it wasn't the average, me just signing to a major. I'm actually partners with them, Mass Appeal is still the family, Nas is still gon' be able to executive produce my albums. So it was just a step forward for me. I was with Mass Appeal solely for almost two years, Nas really introduced the world to me,a lot of people to me, so that was ideal as far as me first coming in. I feel like it's at a time now where I need a machine-- I'm not gunna say 'need,' but it helps, a machine really helps, what I'm tryna do. Especially being from New York and not tryna stay in New York. I'm not tryna be underground or classified as a certain type of dude."

You can catch his full sit-down with The Breakfast Club below, where they discuss New York rap, linking with Nas the upcoming album and more.

Congrats to Dave!