After a co-sign from modelling legend Tyra Banks, Dave East seems to have taken her comments to heart. He recently spoke with Billboard about his new career aspirations, which evidently include becoming the rap game's next top model. The Banks shout-out was clearly a big confidence boost, and East had nothing but love for America's Top Model. 

"You got Tyra Banks -- that's America's Next Top Model and the number one model ever -- saying you should model...That's like Steven Spielberg telling you you should act. You're gonna go do a movie."

Fear not, for Dave East vows to remain true to himself no matter the field. "I ain't gon' be butt naked at no bus stops or nothing like that," promises East. "Anything I'm gonna do is gonna be me. It might be something out of the norm of what you think I'mma do, but I'm gonna always twist it and do that s--t my way. I'm never gonna sell my soul or violate myself for no amount of dollars or fame."

In other, non-modelling news, Dave has been hard at work in the studio, putting his upcoming album together. ""I've been locked in with No I.D," he teases. "That's my shit." The album is currently slated for a fourth quarter release.