A new project from Dave East, one of the game's most consistent lyricists, is always welcome. With his latest release Karma 3 having arrived last August, it's certainly feeling like we're due. And though he has yet to share any concrete details, East is clearly in the midst of kicking off a rollout, taking to Instagram to share a promising snippet of what's to come.

"Almost that time," captions East, emphasizing the scope of his impact with a bomb emoji. Taking to blend of twisted synth organs and eerie vocals, East sets it off with a blistering onslaught of bars. "I just broke down a hundred, plug trying to kick it I told him just bunt it," spits East. "See all these bitches know just how I'm coming / always been tripping, don't slip in that puddle / if we catch you slipping this shit like a puzzle / put it together get back to this hustle / I put an O on your back like you Russell."

Dave East

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

As the track evolves, East introduces new flow schemes, though never wavering from his braggadocious subject matter. "Front to the back, it feel like the military," he raps, as the drums and bass enter the mix. "N***as is sweeter than Ben & Jerry / you chasing box that I hit already / that is not on my itinerary."

Check out the snippet below, and be sure to sound off in the comments below if you're excited for a new album from Dave East. For more from the rapper, be sure to revisit our interview following the release of Karma 3where he opened up about his favorite lyricists, signing with Nas, and more.