Dave East is pretty notorious for his internet clap backs. He and his baby mother have clashed on Instagram a few times. While it's not uncommon for celebrities, it still made people think they were on bad terms. This past week, their daughter, Kairi, celebrated her second birthday and from his Instagram, it looks like he and his baby moms are in a good place right now.

East took to his Instagram to share some photos from Kairi's second birthday party. Aside from the fact that the rapper looked like he had just as much of a blast as his daughter, it took to Instagram to share his appreciation for Kairi's mother. The two of them helped put together a pretty spectacular party for their daughter. He acknowledged their latest dispute on social media but shared his praises for the work she put in to provide a memorable evening for their daughter.

"Everybody Go Thru What They Go Thru It’s Just We In A Social Media Era Where Ya Life Is Everybody Else Life. I’m Forever Thankful And Grateful For You Having Kairi And Being An Amazing Mother. Dope Ass Party You Put Together For Our Little Butt Thank You You Are Appreciated...." He wrote alongside a family photo. It's nice to see that his personal life is going as well as his professional life.

Peep the posts below.