Ménage à trois encounters are supposed to be enjoyable, but for Dave East, it landed him in hot water with the police. Last Saturday, East was slated to perform at Drai's nightclub in Las Vegas. Everything went off without a hitch and East even invited two women back to his Delano Las Vegas hotel room for a nightcap. However, things allegedly took a turn after they began having sex.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, during the sexual encounter, one of the women became upset with the rapper because he wasn't paying as much attention as he was the other woman. East told responding officers that the irate woman began throwing bottles of champagne at him—two of which hit him. One reportedly clocked him in the head and he was left with injuries to both his arm and leg. A friend of Dave's came into the room after the fight began and told cops that he saw the woman chucking bottles at the rapper.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

The woman told a differing story. She claimed that while having sex, she and East began to argue. This caused him to allegedly begin swinging at her, one of which landed on her arm. That's when she said she became frightened, ran into a restroom, and called the police. She never said she threw anything at East. The woman's witness, another woman, also stated that East was at fault for the argument. Basically, the men told one story and the women told another.

No one was taken into custody, but both East and the woman visited hospitals to be treated for their injuries. They also were both cited by police for misdemeanor battery. Stacey Richman, East's attorney, issued a brief statement to us regarding the incident that reads:

"The woman threw a soap dispenser and bottles of champagne at Dave. One of the bottles shattered on the wall, sending glass flying and cutting Dave. The woman sought to continue her assault. Dave did not respond with violence. Instead Dave was concerned for everyone's safety. Dave justifiably took the woman by the arm and put her out of the room. Dave did not assault anyone. He was ordered by his doctor to get CAT scan after the incident. We are waiting on the results. It was later learned that the woman had secreted Dave’s phones in her handbag.”