It's been a good year for Dave East. He's been soaking in his newfound success and building himself up as one of the most skilled emcee's in the game right now. Last month, he dropped his major label debut, Paranoia: A True Story. The EP was met with both commercial and critical acclaim and debuted at number 9 on the Billboard 200. However, Dave East doesn't look like he's slowing down anytime in the near future.

The Harlem rapper recently sat down with Montreality to discuss previous jobs, cartoons, upcoming collaborations and more. The conversation geared towards upcoming releases. East revealed that the sequel to Paranoia will be dropping in the coming weeks.

"Paranoia 2 on the way. I'm about to hit 'em back to back." East said with a grin on his face, "Probably before Halloween, I'ma come with another one. One more EP and then [it's] album time, like my real debut... Probably like end of the year [or] top of the year. That's when you're gonna be hearing about the title and all of that."

East also went into detail about his relationship with Drake. The Paranoia rapper said that he and Drake met in Miami and have been in contact ever since. The two have music on the way. East also revealed that he was supposed to perform at OVO Fest but had prior engagements that stopped him from making his way to the festival. Their relationship seems to go past music since he also said that Drake's been trying to help him get past the Canadian border. 

"Yeah, he's definitely going to get me up there. I got a bad record you know what I'm sayin'?" East said, "They real tight about that. So when I spoke to Drake, he got a lot of pull up there so he knows ways to get me in the country." East said.

Aside from his collaboration with Drake, he also revealed that Joey Bada$$ and him are also about to hop in the studio together. 

"I think that's one that the streets need, to just hear me and him together. But I salute all of them. Pro Era is super dope," he said.

East is looking like he's gearing up to have an even busier 2018 than he did 2017. With another EP on the way and his debut full-length album slated for early 2018 and collaborations with some of the hottest rappers, East is about to make a significant mark on the rap game. 

Watch the full interview below: