Page Six asked Harlem rapper Dave East to describe what helped him survive a period of homelessness, and the answer might come as a bit of a surprise. According to East, it's his self-described "good looks" that proved an invaluable tool as he meandered from one bedfellow to another. East described the situation as such:

“Yep, I have had the experience of being homeless. I had slept in cars for a minute. I was homeless throughout the whole year,” East told Page Six while  Irving Plaza when they crossed paths at the "Hoodies for the Homeless" benefit in New York City. “It was more (that) I did not want to ask my moms and pops at the time (for financial aid), and I felt like I was grown so I went through my little phase." 

He later added that he stayed with a couple girls on the low. "I stayed with a couple of girls . . . shout-out to them, they know who they are," he said in appreciation. Even The Queen, Nicki Minaj fancies a little sprinkle of Dave East in her concoction of the perfection male suitor. You've listened to "Barbie Dreams," I don't have to tell you twice.