Dave Chappelle has long been considered one of comedy's greatest pure performers. A well-respected stand-up who was at the center of arguably the funniest show of the 2000's, Chappelle's Show, the D.C. native has also been one of the most fearless comedians in the world when it comes to taking on polarizing topics, especially when it comes to race or politics. Now, he's closing out the year in style with two new Netflix specials for his fans to feast on.

Titled Equanimity and The Bird Revelation, these two full-length performances complete a four-special year for Chappelle, who dropped The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas earlier this year. He's been the main anchor in the streaming giant's attempt to corner the market on big-name stand-up specials, with Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr and many more premiering new original content exclusively with a company that boasts over 100 million subscribers.

Fans of Chappelle's turned out in droves for his first two stand-up specials from this year and, but the looks of the reaction on Twitter and Instagram, those who have already peeped the two new performances have been more than satisfied with the product thus far. It continues to showcase the comedian's penchant for blending sidesplitting gags with serious, often touchy subject matter. Check out a small sampling of the online love Chappelle has received for his new Netflix specials below.

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