In the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio (population 3,487) a couple was getting married. Emily and Tommy sat down around some rustic barrels on the patio of a local brewery to enjoy a flight of craft beers and smile for the camera. Little did they know, Dave Chapelle was passing through town wearing a puffer jacket that would be better described as a mobile sleeping bag. He popped his head into the corner and middle of some of the couples' photos with a cheeky look on his face. The photographer, Jaycee Marie, posted the photos on her Facebook page, thanking Dave Chappelle: "I’m going to have to quit photography now because how will I ever beat this? I just can’t ðŸ¤·ðŸ»‍♀️ HUGE shoutout to the man himself. He was so nice and truly made our day. I think it’s safe to say Emily + Tommy have the coolest engagement photos EVER."

Although not quite at Bill Murray levels of public shenanigans, Chappelle is making his way there. Before the wedding photobomb he confirmed, while smoking a cigarette and enjoying a cocktail in the back of a limo, that he would be Will Smith's VP if the ex-rapper ran for president so that "nothing bad will happen to Will."