At John Mayer's show Wednesday night, Dave Chappelle hopped on stage and honored Charlie Murphy. The comedian died of leukemia earlier that day.

Taking part in a funny banter, they reminisced about the time the musician appeared on Chappelle's Show. He then asked Mayer to play a song that reminded him of their friend, Murphy.

"Much more your friend [...] and author of my favorite phrase 'habitual line-stepper,'" Mayer added. "We use it every month."

"Rick James was a habitual line-stepper," Chappelle said. 

Sitting at the piano, Mayer gave an emotional rendition of "You're Going to Live Forever in Me" while Chappelle sat watching him play. 

Chappelle also mentioned calling Prince to get his permission to appear in a skit. The "Purple Rain" artist declined. Watch the short clip below.