A couple of months ago, Dave Chappelle the target of a "fake news" report that pegged him as a Trump supporter. Since, he's easily distanced himself from such allegations, as he's notably revealed his true feelings about the president-elect during his live appearances, most notably when he hosted SNL. He clearly recognizes the alarming racial implications of Trump's victorious campaign, but that doesn't mean he can't spin some humor out of the situation America has gotten itself into. During a stand up show in Inglewood last night, Chappelle roasted a Trump supporter, but he did so in the spirit of good fun. 

"Let's keep this off YouTube," Chappelle says to open the below clip. Of course, that's exactly where the recording ended up. He looked to be noticeably annoyed at the presence of cellphone cameras in the audience, but his mood lightened when an unexpected Trump supporter walked by.

A man who seemed to be in the process of exiting the venue yelled to Dave that he had voted for Trump. At this time, the Trump supporter was in the close presence of security. Chappelle then responded, "Take it easy security. He just voted for Trump." He then remarked that he's "never seen a motherfucker get circled by security whilst wearing an argyle sweater." 

Chappelle shook the man's hand while he was leaving, before retreating toward center stage and uttering, "Security please!" 

"Didn't think we'd see that tonight, did we?" laughed Chappelle. He reenacts the scenario that just transpired: "Black dude in a room full of black dudes: 'Dave, I voted for Trump!' 'Shhh, n*gga, you tryna get us all killed?!'"