Will Smith's been in the game for over thirty years at this point and despite being in some of the most iconic comedy films, he's never done stand-up comedy. As part of his new Facebook Watch show Will Smith's Bucket List, the actor decided to take a shot at performing stand-up. He opened up for Dave Chappelle but before taking the stage, Smith got a few pointers on how to maneuver his way through his set.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Chappelle had a few pointers for Will Smith who admitted he's never done stand-up comedy or used his own life to create comedic material. Chappelle broke down three key tips to delivering a proper stand-up bit.

“The first thing I’ll tell you is confidence is key,” Chappelle said. “The reason you should be confident is primarily because you’re Will Smith... I’ve been watching you for years; you’re actually a funny dude. I’ve spoken to you before, you’re a great conversationalist.”

Chappelle's second piece of advice was to pick the right stuff to talk about. He then gave Smith a piece of advice that he got from an unnamed comedian who Chappelle described as not very good. “He said, ‘You are one of those comedians who think you have to be funny all the time. You don’t. But, you have to be interesting all the time.'”

Peep the episode below.