Dascha Polanco is fierce. Her character on the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black serves all kinds of realness onscreen and the actress shines in her authentic glory when she's not playing a role. Her latest offering to her fans comes in the form of a collaboration with Women's Health magazine. The looks she serves in this nude photo shoot are as authentically beautiful as her fans would imagine. 

Polanco shared a couple of photos on Instagram to celebrate her body positive message with her following. In the first one, she sits on a stool with her hands on her knees, peering over her shoulders all sultry-like. The caption that accompanies the shot includes lyrics from a song called "Solita." Dascha shouts out the homie, Ozuna, who co-wrote the song with a tag.

Next up is a photo with a tighter frame on Polanco's body. She's smiling in this one. Her caption echoes this sentiment of self-love and appreciation for her fellow women. She even alludes to her fragrance. We can only imagine how lovely this queen's scent actually is, but we bet it's real angelic.

"My naked truth !!! Thank you @womenshealthmag for this amazing feature ! I am empowered in every way & To all the amazing women I get to share this moment with all love ❤️. #ismellgood#selflovery"