Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets had a pretty fruitful partnership. Over the span of 13 years, Morey was able to lead the team to a .615 win percentage which was only beaten by the San Antonio Spurs throughout that exact same time period. In fact, the Rockets had made the playoffs eight years in a row, which is the longest streak in the league. These are all some significant accomplishments, although he was never quite able to construct a team that could end up in the NBA Finals. 

After a disappointing second-round playoff exit, many were wondering what would be next for the general manager. After parting ways with head coach Mike D'Antonio, these discussions ramped up even more. Well, in the end, an agreement was met between Morey and team owner Tilman Fertitta recently. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Morey has decided to step away from the team.


For now, Morey will continue to help the team during their head coaching search although once that is over with, Rafael Stone will become the team's general manager.

Of course, Morey had a turbulent year as it all started with his Pro-Hong Kong comments that got China so mad, the country stopped broadcasting NBA games for over a year. Since that time, some have wondered how much longer Morey would want to stay with the Rockets, and now, that question has been answered.