The best songs are those that are sung with passion, whether that passion is in the form of love, hate, defiance, etc. Actor and singer Darren Criss especially, knows how to turn his passions into art, and his latest ad for Taco Bell sees him doing just that. The object of his desire here? Mexican spices. On Thursday, Criss took to Twitter to share a hilarious new commercial he’s starring in for Taco Bell’s nacho fries. The ad, titled “Chasing Gold,” is a mock film trailer in which Criss plays a singer pulled from the streets and into the lime light.

“The melt of your cheese brought me to my knees,” Criss sings once he gets in the studio to record his first hit single. Within a matter of time, Criss is seen becoming an international sensation, but things quickly take a turn when he finds out the nacho fries are only available for a “limited time only.” “Can’t you write about anything else?” his manager asks angrily, to which Criss responds, “I can only write about what I love.”

Another publicity move Taco Bell took to pursuing just last month, saw the popular fast-food chain opening up a new hotel and resort in Palm Springs where guests will be treated to tons of exclusive goodies from the chain. If you've ever had dreams about burritos, tacos, quesadillas, or any form of delicious Tex Mex food, you'll want to make sure you plan your next trip to Palm Springs.