Former NBA player Darius Miles received many exclusive Air Jordans during his playing days - including the Cavs-inspired Air Jordan 9 that he recently broke out - but now, he says, there are hardly any Air Jordan PEs left in his collection.

In an interview with The Undefeated's Aaron Dodson, Miles and former teammate/current podcast co-host, Quentin Richardson, discussed their time in the league, those memorable years with the Los Angeles Clippers, and what it was like being signed to Jordan Brand.

In regards to all the exclusive Air Jordans, Miles explained to Dodson that he has given most of them away to two kids who were also a size 18.

Says Miles:

"I just have a few. I left and went to Reebok, and I was under Allen Iverson’s line. Most of the Jordans I had, I gave them to these two kids. One was from Texas, and the other was from Memphis. My momma kinda built a rapport with they moms, and they was like me — young kids wearing a size 18 … So they didn’t have no options for shoes. So me and my mom shipped them out, I wanna say 40-50 pairs of shoes apiece. When my mom did it, all three moms were on the phone boo-hoo crying."

Miles and Richardson also discussed their favorite Js to play in, their favorite PEs and more. Check out the full interview here.