Daredevil was one of Netflix's most popular shows. It jump-started the Netflix Marvel shows, and laid the foundation for the interconnected plot in The Defenders. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after a stellar three-season run. It wasn't a lack of viewers that made Netflix ax the series, so fans believe that Disney is applying some pressure when it comes to their Marvel heroes. Disney is slated to drop their own streaming service, and surely their titles on Netflix will all be axed or moved. Although the move may be in vain, Daredevil fans began to sign an online petition to bring the show back. It started like any ordinary petition, but the numbers have swelled rapidly. 

 Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for IMDb

Over 120,000 people have signed the online petition. "Marvel’s Daredevil has been canceled after a critically acclaimed third season, in what appears to be a one-sided move by Netflix," reads the petition's mission statement. "Despite the show’s success, Netflix has concluded that going ahead with an already planned-out fourth season does not serve their long-term business interests." The fans think they can help broker a deal between Netflix and Disney. "As dedicated fans, we are convinced that Marvel’s Daredevil has great value," the statement continues. "To us, as well as any media outlet that might want to continue the journey for these characters and their cast."