Day one of Danny Masterson’s preliminary trial revolving around his sexual assault charges revealed some explicit details from accuser Jen B. Day two involved the testimony of another accuser, who the Los Angeles Superior Court have identified as Christine B. Christine B. is an ex-girlfriend of Masterson.

While on the stand, Christine B. recalled an incident that took place in 2001. At the house she shared with Masterson at the time, Christine B. was woken out of her sleep to find her then boyfriend, Masterson, sexually assaulting her. She made attempts to stop him from raping her, but he overpowered her. 

Christine B. explained to the court, “He wouldn’t stop. So I did something that I knew would make him angry and likely to get off me. I pulled his hair.” During Jen B.’s testimony on day one of the preliminary trials, she had told Los Angeles Superior Court that she tried to end Masterson’s assault by punching him. 

danny masterson trial day 2

Lucy Nicholson - Pool/Getty Images

This tactic did not work for Christine B. When she tried pulling his hair, Masterson reportedly struck her and spat on her. Christine B. told the court, “He had this thing about his hair, so I knew if I pulled it really, really hard, he would get off me. But what he did was hit me.” A month later, Masterson raped her again while she was unconscious. 

Similarly to accuser Jen B, Christine B. belonged to the Church of Scientology. Christine B. reported Masterson’s repeated assaults on her to the ethics officials of the church, although the church denies the allegations. The Church of Scientology also denied all of Jen B.’s claims. 

After day two, Masterson faces one more day of preliminary hearings. After the hearings, Los Angeles Superior Court will make a decision whether or not the sexual assault charges against Masterson will go to trial. The That 70’s Show actor faces charges from allegations that were made against him from 2017, for incidents of rape that took place between the years 2001 and 2003.

If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual assault, help is available. Please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.