Danny Masterson's worst days seem to be ahead of him. The former That 70s Show star has been accused of rape for over a decade now, and has been in and out of court recently trying to defend his name. There have been emotional testimonies presented before a judge leading up to what is now an official trial for the actor. 

LA County Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo found the statements of three women in the preliminary hearings sufficient enough to move forward with a trial. The rape charges go back decades, which made Masterson's lawyer (Sharon Appelbaum) claim, “Memories fade and memories change."

Lead defense attorney Thomas Mesereau stated that he believes the case is tainted by religious bias. Masterson is a high-ranking member of the Scientology church, while his accusers are former church members. Mesereau also defended Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson when they were facing sex abuse charges.

Appelbaum says the accusers have a “sisterhood” that “seems to want to take down Mr. Masterson and take down Scientology." She stated that the accusers ignored court orders, and contacted each other to match up their stories for court. “Over time their stories are becoming more similar to one another,” Appelbaum stated. “They’re taking the language of one another.”

Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller admonished the accusation.“These were not rehearsed statements,” Mueller responded. “They were heartfelt, and they each had their versions of what happened. If there is any consistency in these statements, it was because the defendant was consistent in these acts.”

Masterson admits to having sexual relations with each of them women, however, he disputes that he raped them. He is free on bail, but will be arraigned on June 7.