Last week, Danny Brown dropped a tantalizing teaser about his upcoming album, which is said to produced by "one producer, who’s legendary in hip-hop." Not only that, but the Detroit rapper also shared a trailer for his Apple Music documentary Live At The Majestic. The Andrew Cohn directed documentary was supposed to feature footage from Danny's day-to-day life, as well as the titular performance, which was Danny's first show in Detroit in years. The documentary was supposed to be released on November 7th, and when it failed to surface, many were left wondering what happened.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Live At The Majestic has been shelved, according to Danny Brown himself. In a Twitter fan Q&A, a distraught Danny tweeted that "It’s not coming out I’m sorry." He proceeds to elaborate on the matter, stating that he's "Crying right now because of it ... really hurt about the whole situation." And when somebody asked for direct confirmation on whether or not it was "shelved," Danny replied with a defeated "Pretty Much." You can check out the disheartening Twitter exchange below.

As of this moment, Apple Music has yet to comment on Danny's documentary, but many fans have been hitting the company with some passionate annoyance. One wonders why they would do Danny Brown like that, and it would be nice if they could issue a statement as to why they shelved his documentary. We do know, however, that the documentary is indeed finished, so it wouldn't be surprising to see it drop at some point. Still, it sucks for Danny, and we hope that he can keep his head up in the wake of this blatant disrespect.