Danny Brown is known for his erratic behavior, drug talk, high-pitched voice, and missing teeth, which may make him seem like an unlikely candidate to become a mainstream star. However, he's found a strong fan-base, and continues to grow in popularity, and given the Internet age, who knows how big he'll get? Although the rapper isn't opposed to having a hit song, in a new interview with Fuse, he discusses those rappers who 'try' to make a hit, and are in the game for the love of money. 

When asked about whether or not Danny knows what songs he makes will resonate with the public, Danny gets into a spiel about doing what you do from the heart, and if it resonates, it was meant to be. He voices his dislike of artists who make a 'hit record' with a hidden agenda.

"I think that's the problem, I think people always try to think about what people are gunna like and you can't do that. You just gotta do what you do from the heart and other people will feel that energy and they will like it as well," Danny explained. "And if something becomes succesful from that, then that's the way it was supposed to happen.  But trying be and trying to do shit is not the way to go. Especially not with me, I'm not gunna try to make a hit song, I'm not gunna try to make a radio song, I'm not gunna try to do anything, I'm just gunna organically do what the fuck I think Danny Brown wants to do." 

He went on to connect this to his upcoming album, OLD, and the features we'll find on it, some of whom already have a taste of mainstream fame.

"But I think everybody I have on my album has the same intent. And that's why I picked those people, that's why I'm friends with those people. Purity Ring, Charlie XCX, Freddie Gibbs, Mr.eXquire, Ab-Soul, Q," Danny Brown said. "Those are not people that I think make music with the intention of making money. They make music 'cause this is what they are, this is what we are born to do, so we just talented and we're having fun doing it. But we ain't the people that's out here tryna take people for money."

Do you agree with Danny's perspective? The rapper'sOLD album is expected to arrive this summer.

Check out his interview below.