Danny Brown is a guy who's never a boring interview and he proved that in his latest sit-down with Vevo.

His is the newest episode of their The World According To... series and let's just say things get personal right off the bat. He speaks about his alleged woodpecker problems and trying to buy a "big ass" owl on Amazon to try and ward them off. Deeper thoughts about chickens and using cats as a way to learn how to earn someone's affection are also in the mix, but perhaps my favorite of all the topics he covered was his previous experiences with white girls.

"First time I dated a white girl was when the Internet came out. I was the guy on Black Planet looking for all the white chicks. That was my game," Brown admitted. "So yeah, whenever I got the Internet in my house, I just talked to the white girls on there. I didn’t mess with the sisters."

Check out the full video below.