Danny Brown promised fans that his documentary, Live at the Majestic, would hit Apple Music a year ago. The project never surfaced though, and Brown admitted that the documentary had been shelved. Apple didn't go into details as to why they decided to cancel the release, but it appeared that Live at the Majestic was gone forever. 

Brown was able to acquire the rights to the documentary this year, placing the footage back into the right hands. Without wasting a breath, he uploaded the video for purchase on his website. For the easily affordable price of $6.99, Live at the Majestic can be yours today. The documentary follows Brown during his 2016 hometown performance at Detroit’s Majestic Theater. Live at the Majestic dives into Brown's ascension to fame, and chronicles the making of his album Atrocity Exhibition. Three of Brown's fans are also profiled in the documentary. The synopsis of Live at the Majestic is as follows:

"The documentary invites viewers into Brown's life and tour days leading into his critically acclaimed 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition, with an intimate look into his life never before revealed. The film was directed by Emmy-Award winning documentary filmmaker Andrew Cohn (Medora, Night School, Warriors of Liberty City) and produced by two time Emmy-Award winning producer Rachel Dengiz (The Punk Singer, Park Bench with Steve Buscemi, Medora)."