Danny Brown has good taste. The rapper has always made sure to express that his musical knowledge is on par with his talent, so a co-sign from the Detroit rapper goes a long way. On Friday, Brown gave Chicago's G Herbo a big look when he praised the rapper's proper debut album Humble Beast. "Humble Beast," he wrote on Twitter alongside many fire emojis. "Only thing I'm listening to right now," he added later.



While those tweets would have been enough to earn Herb some new fans, Danny went a step further in illustrating the importance of the rapper's storytelling on the song "Malcolm." 


"Please young up and coming rappers write more songs like G Herbo “Malcolm” … do it for the culture," he wrote. As a young man growing up in Chicago, Herb has spoken at length about the gang violence he's witnessed in the city, including the loss of some close friends who he's eulogized in the titles of his projects (Fasion “Fazon” Robinson on Welcome to Fazoland, Pistol P on Pistol P Project, and Jacobi D. Herring on Ballin' Like I'm Kobe). The song follows a kid named Malcolm who falls victim to the Chicago street life, a story that resembles many from the city.

Once upon a time around the Southside

A young black man grew up in a house
Had a pops he never knew, with a mom that's strung out
His granny careless just about, say he'll never make it out
Of the hood and had a handful of aunties that can vouch
Young n---a named Malcolm, all his homies called him Malc
His big brother off in college, Malcolm took another route
From gang banging, 'caine slanging, moms threw him out the house
Stuck on probation on and off since thirteen, been in and out

Later on, Herb makes it clear how Malcolm's life could have been different had the odds not been stacked against him from the beginning.

Malcolm could've stayed in school and got a job though
But this was all that Malcolm knew, he from Chicago
Compare and contrast if Malcolm's from a rich town
His whole life was planned out since he was six pounds

Here's hoping that Danny's co-sign results in a collaboration between the two artists.

Herbo's Humble Beast was released today. Listen to it here.