Danny Brown's one of the most eccentric figures in the music industry. While his look has been a bit more tame these days, the rapper's emo-inspired haircut, gap tooth and peculiar fashion sense is what stood out when he first came into the game. The rapper's been vocal about his desire to enter in the film and television industry and it seems like he's been putting his focus towards that a bit more these days. Most recently, the rapper made an appearance on the latest episode of "Detroiters."

Danny Brown took on the role of Dr. Mayflower for his appearance on Comedy Central's "Detroiters." Dr. Mayflower is a weight loss doctor who recently aired a new commercial for his services. Watch the clips below and you could watch the full episode of Comedy Central.

Danny Brown has more acting gigs on the way. The Detroit rapper is set to appear in the upcoming crime drama, White Boy Ricky alongside YG and Matthew McConaughey. The rapper has taken on the role of "Black Ed." 

It seems as if Danny Brown is getting ready to get even deeper into film in the future. Most recently, Freddie Gibbs shared a photo with Danny Brown and captioned it, "I told my nigga DB we bout to get this movie money." Hopefully, we'll see the two star in a film together in the future.