We've seen some rappers get very bleak on Twitter in the past, namely, Hopsin went on a suicidal rant around the release of his Knock Madness album. Today we've seen Danny Brown have an equally dark Twitter rant, venting about his friends or lack-there-of within the music industry and his depression.

We're hoping Danny is feeling a lot better soon, but as of now it appears he's in a pretty bad place. The rapper started to unload on his Twitter followers earlier this morning, when he revealed he had quit lean but was still feeling depressed.

"Seriously thought quit Po would make a everything better ... Shit just making me sink deeper in depression to be honest ..," Danny begun. "I can't sleep my anxiety is at an all time high but don't none of y'all care about that shit .. Y'all just want me to be goofy. And make a damn fool out of myself .. Y'all don't give a fuck about me"

The Detroit native continued to call out (not by name, though) those people he's not fucking with: "Fuck u if u was suppose to be my rapper friend and I gotta call ya assistant just to get in touch wit u," he tweeted. "Fuck u if u tried to do a song with me just to try to steal my fan base...Fuck all this rap shit it's fake ... Niggas pretend homies not one of these niggas a come to my funeral."

Part of Danny's rant had to do with not getting the respect he feels he deserves. "I deserve better than this ... I rap better than all you niggas!!!!!! ... I don't give a fuck who u think u is .. I will body you!!!!" he tweeted before referencing depression as the reason he does a lot of drugs, "Depression is serious y'all think I do drugs cause it's fun ... I would no other way to escape."

The Old rapper went on to get even more gloomy, as he tweeted that no one would care if he were to live or die. We care.

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