Danny Brown's upcoming album, OLD, finally has a release date. While fans eagerly await his follow-up to XXX, there's still confusion as to what the record will actually sound like. Danny has expressed that the title of the album is a reflection of the rapper getting back to his roots of Dilla-esque production, yet many of the beatmakers enlisted for the project (Rustie, Darq E Freaker, A-Trak) are very much in the electronic realm. In an interview with GQ, Danny speaks a bit about his new effort, revealing that it's still a "party" album, as well speaking on his style, and an infamous on-stage incident from earlier in the year.

Read some excerpts from the interview below.


House Music (Literally) 
"In New York, you go out every day and do shit. Detroit, you stay in the house for days. I think it's what makes us experimental. You're trapped inside and bored. My new album is very emotional. It's a party album, but it's dark. You gotta see Detroit as what it is: the city that made Juan Atkins, same city that made Jack White, same city that made Eminem."

Party of One
"I don't wanna be like nobody else. I don't wanna sound like nobody, I don't wanna look like nobody. If someone else got shoes I like before me, then I just wouldn't get 'em."

Snow Shoes
"I'm more of a boots guy than a sneaker guy. That's being in Michigan—lots of snow. You have to have a new pair of boots every winter, and they look cool with skinny jeans. I'm not a sneakerhead at all."

How to Get My Wardrobe 
"I do most of my shopping online. Or I save my money up for places where I know I'm gonna do a lot of shopping, like London. In New York, I go to Bergdorf or I go to Oak. Rick Owens and Mark McNairy are my favorite designers. It's expensive, but it's made for you to fuck up, to give it your own personality, put a hole in it."

The Downside of Onstage Oral 
"I like to have fun, but that changed my shows—now the crowd is too far away. The crowd being twenty feet from me is not fun."

The Perks of Success
"Dr. Romanelli did a collab with a boutique here called Revive. It was Carhartt—classic Michigan-winter-type shit—but customed out. He gave them a few pieces in 2011 or 2012, and I couldn't afford the shit then. But no one round here got $2,000 to spend on a jacket. So I called up the shop and copped two. This is one of 'em."

How to Get My Hair
"My routine? I just wet it and go out."