Rap is a young man's game, and while he's just now gaining momentum, Danny Brown is no young man. DB's obsession with his age was documented in his last album's title XXX, which was not only a representation of the pill-popping, sex-obsessed character Danny embodied on record, but also his then-recent transition into his third decade.

It made sense that when the Bruiser Brigade leader announced his new album title OLD, that the title was yet another reference to his discomfort with aging. Danny explained that the title was actually an expression of him getting back to his Detroit-centric roots, after experimenting with electronic and industrial sounds.

"With 'Old' you think I'm talking about my age, or where I'm at in my career. But it really [refers to] when I'm experimenting, making songs with Darq E Freaker and stuff," he said. "And then when I go back to my 'hood, I have my people who be like, 'Where that 'Old' Danny Brown shit at? I wanna hear that J. Dilla Danny Brown.' So I [titled the] album for them."

While Brown will be working with some post-Dilla producers like Oh No on OLD, he's also recruiting UK maximalist Rustie for the album, so their should be a mix of both sides of the rapper.

The "Kush Coma" emcee also spoke about taking his time on the follow up to XXX. "I can do feature songs and whatever, but when you see an album and it says, 'This is a Danny Brown album,' it's gotta be at the most potent quality. And that doesn't take six months. It doesn't take a year. I tell people all of the time, it takes two years for me to make an album."

While the album's release date has never been quite clear, Danny indicated that he's confident we'll see it this summer. "I don't see anymore setbacks," he said. "For sure it'll be out in August."