Danny Brown has become a popular Twitch streamer as of late. In his latest session, Brown decided to play bits and parts of Persona 5, the trial-run coinciding with his upcoming release announced in July. Danny Brown initially withheld the nature of the songs, then uncloaked them as "Twitch exclusives," which in turn led to jokes of a Twitch-sponsored hip hop album as a stated reality. To be clear, none of the samples on the record have been cleared, so Danny Brown has no intention of releasing the music for purchase.

Stream below:

The issue of sample clearances is a sensitive one for Danny Brown. In July, Brown organized a Twitter Q&A with fans, one particular Tweeter asking him to confide a hard won lesson from the music biz, to which he responded, "Never Spend 70k On Samples."

Danny Brown's Twitch session runs for two whole hours, but the songs have been tagged and earmarked for easy access. The Detroit rapper's last album dropped in 2016 to less fanfare than in previous years, charting at #77 on the Billboard 200. Atrocity Exhibition never-the-less received unanimous praise from critics for its unyielding vision, and its consistently grim soundscape. Persona 5 is here to stay and the next project is just around the corner, will you be checking?