It's been nearly three years since the release of Danny Brown's last project, Atrocity Exhibition. Since then, he seems to have taken a bit of a break from music to dive into other ventures such as film and television. The rapper recently debuted his show Danny's House on Viceland last month and tonight, they'll be airing the season finale. Although the first season was short and underrated, it appears as though its conclusion only means that we'll be getting closer to the release of the rapper's new album, uknowhatimsayin?

DB's teased some new music during his concerts but he hasn't actually dropped any new music. Thankfully, that ends tomorrow as the rapper appears to be releasing the first single off of uknowhatimsayin? The rapper took to Instagram where he announced his new single, "Dirty Laundry" which is set to arrive tomorrow (September 5th). The rapper also revealed the single's cover art which includes Danny as an old taxi driver.

"Dirty Laundry" is produced by Q-Tip who will actually serve as the executive producer of uknowhatimsayin? In a recent interview with Hot97, the rapper revealed that Q-Tip's helped turn the album into what it is now.

"This is his album. I can't take no credit. I'm just an actor in his movie," he said. "Which was so much less stressful for me, working on albums and stuff. A lot of sleepless nights working on songs and stuff. Now, I ain't have to worry about it. I had just had to show up and rap which made it back fun for me again."