It's the news cycle of the days as DaBaby and DaniLeigh's public meltdown continues to make headlines. We're sure that your timelines are swimming with real-time updates from the two artists as well as their loved ones, including DaniLeigh's mother and sister who have broken their silence amid the ongoing drama. 

Quick recap: things took a turn after DaBaby and DaniLeigh got into an argument that spilled over onto Livestream. She claimed that because she wanted to take a Plan B pill, he became upset and kicked her out. The police were called, DaBaby reportedly told authorities that DaniLeigh attacked him, and now, the Def Jam star has been charged with simple assault.

DaniLeigh, DaBaby
Johnny Nunez / Contributor / Getty Images

During the chaos, DaBaby alleged that DaniLeigh's family "disowned" their daughter, but the singer's mother and sister have come forward with their own statements about this controversy.

"I didn't want to address this until I knew my daughter and granddaughter were safe," DaniLeigh's mother began. "Thank you for your texts, DMs, and phone calls. This is clearly a toxic situation and all we wanted to do was to get her out safely." She added that they are doing their best to make sure Dani and her daughter are cared for.

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh's sister denies DaBaby's claims that the baby girl was disowned.

"I never wanted to get involved because that's not the type of person I am but you can never say we 'disowned' the baby. I've loved her since the day she found out she was pregnant," she wrote. "Collecting photos, planning the baby shower (that you didn't come to), and making sure she was mentally stable without you there. I know my truth and you know yours."

The sister also wrote that it was "sad" that DaniLeigh and DaBaby's daughter would have to grow up to see "what he did to her mother and how he humiliated her." Read through the messages below.