It is known more for its luxury shops and celebrity hotspots, not brazen, daytime shootings. Beverly Hills is the well-known stomping ground for the rich and famous, but on Thursday (March 4) afternoon, patrons of Il Pastaio found themselves victims of a robbery. Those who keep up with pop culture are aware of Il Pastaio's reputation as being a restaurant that celebrities often frequent—making it a paparazzi favorite, as well—and bold gunmen targeted the eatery for a robbery that ended with an injured woman.

It was a regular day in Los Angeles for DaniLeighas she pulled up at Il Pastaio, but before she decided to get out of her car, the three thieves approached the restaurant. The robbery is said to have taken place outside as many L.A. locations are only permitted to allow outdoor dining. During the shakedown, a man was robbed of his $500K Richard Mille watch at gunpoint and a woman was shot in the leg. She was reportedly at a nearby table and was struck as the man fought back against the thieves.

As frightening as the ordeal was, we're thankful that weren't any serious injuries or casualties. Tyler Shields, a celebrity photographer, was reportedly at the location during the shooting, as well, and he claimed he "herded a large group of people into a nearby parking garage" for safety.

DaniLeigh has yet to comment on what she may have witnessed. Investigators continue to search for the perpetrators and haven't released a description of the individuals involved.