She may be shy when it comes to rumors that she's romantically involved with DaBaby, but DaniLeigh spoke openly about her past relationship with Angela Yee's Lip Service. Fans have been speculating about the rumored budding relationship between the two artists after photos of them together have surfaced in recent months. While DaniLeigh is still coy when it comes to discussing her alleged romance with the Kirk star, she did talk about her previous relationship that left her heartbroken.

DaniLeigh, Boyfriend, Dating
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"I guess you can say I was in a relationship for like, two years," the singer-rapper revealed. 'It was dumb lowkey. Nobody knew about it at all. It was like a secret, for real. And, yeah. What happened? It was just drama. He was a liar. He was a cheater. And I stayed. I gave him so many chances, it's crazy."

DaniLiegh was asked whose idea it was for the relationship to be kept a secret, and she said that it was a mutual decision between herself and her ex. She alluded to working with the person, as well, so it just made sense that they kept their relationship under wraps. "It wouldn't have been a smart move, and I'm a lowkey person anyway." DaniLeigh added that she can't be friends with any of her exes, so she doesn't really speak with the person anymore. She admitted that it was "real love" and said she didn't want to say too much about it because people may put two and two together. She said this was a relationship that ended about a year ago.

These comments, of course, added flame to the gossip fire because fans began to wonder who she was speaking about. Check out her full interview with Angela Yee's Lip Service below and let us know your guesses.