DaniLeigh has been the subject of backlash all day Thursday (January 21st) following her preview of a new song titled "Yellow Bone," on Instagram. Many accused the singer of colorism in the song she claims she composed to celebrate "my light skin baddies." Many pointed out the singer's Dominican heritage and questioned why she was using terms typically associated with the Black community to describe herself.  


In response to all the controversy surrounding the song, the 26-year-old fired out a few angry apology tweets on Thursday afternoon accusing people of unfairly attempting to cancel her and "drag down another woman." She wrote in one tweet, "I'm Dominican...I'm Spanish, I'm Black, I'm white, leave me alone," before penning a passive-aggressive apology.

"Congratulations y’all gotta another thing to say about me when u hate ...it’s all good .. only God can “cancel” me... that sh*t don’t mean sh*t to me bc the people around me are the ones that know my heart and intention and real life ... I’m sorry if I offended u," she wrote in one tweet. Read the full apology/rant below.   

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

While many chimed in to dismiss the singer's half-done apology, Alabama-bred rapper Chika was quick to clock DaniLeigh for her weak apology. "this is a terrible response to valid criticism," penned the lyricist. She continued in a second tweet, "no shade. as a black woman, you should be more than aware of colorism & why this song wouldn’t sit well with a black audience. it doesn’t feel good having a billion people at your neck, but it’s not about being “canceled.” it’s about taking accountability."


There is currently no word on whether or not DaniLeigh plans on moving forward with releasing the song.