The rumors regarding the relationship status of DaBaby and DaniLeigh have been slowly burning for months. The pair seemed to be the hot new couple on the hip hop scene after internet sleuths pieced together that they were at the same places without openly acknowledging one another. Then, when they finally were snapped by the paparazzi hand-in-hand, they were pegged at hip hop's "It" couple, but things quickly took a turn and it looked as if DaBaby reunited with the mother of his daughter

Still, there were musical connections between the two artists. He reportedly penned lyrics about her on his album and they collaborated for her Movie project on the track "Levi High." DaniLeigh conducted interviews where she made it clear that she wasn't interested in clarifying the status of her relationship with DaBaby to anyone, but it was assumed that the romance was over.

However, a brief video shared on social media has fans back at it as they speculate about the two artists' personal lives. The Def Jam singer-rapper shared a video to social media where she showed off bits of her home, and people couldn't help but notice that one of DaBaby's plaques was hanging nicely next to her accomplishments. In the video, she plays her song "Famous" where she sings, "So I'ma just keep hangin' plaques on the wall (Yеah) / Don't bother, don't call (Don't call) / I don't need your love, I don't need your love no more."

Check it out below.