The rumored romance between DaniLeigh and DaBaby has been a topic of conversation for months. Fans have been gossiping about the artists and after they shared a few quarantine images, internet sleuths compared photos and videos and determined that they were at the same location. While neither pair has come out to openly say that they're in some sort of relationship, DaniLeigh was asked her thoughts on people speculating about her personal life with the Kirk rapper.

"I mean it is what it is," DaniLeigh told Power 105.1 in a video chat. "I know it comes with this life. I already know you post something, people just gon' catch on I guess, so. I don't know, it is what it is. I don't really care." Then, she was asked about her preferences regarding dating someone in the entertainment business or outside of the limelight altogether.

"I don't know, I think my lifestyle definitely is like, fast and everything," DaniLeigh said. "I gotta have someone that understands that. It is cool to have someone that has similarities in what we do and stuff, but I guess I haven't really dated a regular person as me being, you know DaniLeigh now. I don't know. I probably should [laughs]." Watch her clip below.